Breast lump and thickening

Anybody got any experience of this?

I posted here a little while ago concerned about lumps in my armpits which come and go. I didn’t end up seeing the gp because they went again and I think are linked to my periods.

I’ve been to the gp today because I’ve had a large lump in my breast for a few weeks and decided I need to stop burying my head in the sand. At my appointment I told the GP that I’d had it for around 4 weeks and it coincided with the start of my period, but I’ve just realised it’s actually been 6 weeks and wasn’t when I started my period. I do get breakthrough bleeding on my pill with accompanying symptoms which is what it coincided with. Do you think it matters that I gave him the wrong dates? The lump seemed to come out of nowhere overnight but now I’m worrying that I just didn’t notice it and it was small until then.

When he examined me, he said he thought it was 4cm by 3cm which sounds huge. It is really big and I can see it bulging out slightly if I lift my arm. But when he typed into the referral form, he put 8cm by 6cm. Why did he put a different size?

 He also said he found thickening in my other breast, which I’ve never noticed. I am pretty worried. Anybody else had this stuff or know what the sizing difference means? Is the fact that there is a lump in one and thickening in another a worse sign?

I am in my early thirties and have previously been referred to breast clinic twice before - once at around 17/18 and once at 19. The second was to determined to be something to do with pregnancy and milk ducts.I  read that previous benign lumps can be a risk factor for developing breast cancer.

My great nan died of it but my nan died of cervical cancer and my mum has had no cancer. I feel quite worried now.

The clinic called at half 8 this morning to give me an appointment on monday evening. Is that normal? I’m pleased I won’t have to wait so long but worried they’ve rushed it because they think there’s something really wrong.

I also have quite an extreme needle phobia and am terrified I’m going to have to have a biopsy. Feel a bit funny and faint already just thinking about it. Can’t believe that my needle fears are even coming into this but they are and it’s embarrassing.