Breast lump - Diabetic Mastopathy

I found a breast lump about 3 weeks ago. Had a referral to the breast clinic in which they undertook a ultrasound and found suspicious readings. They followed up with a core biopsy. Just had the results back and they have diagnosed it as a diabetic mastopathy. They asked if I am diabetic, which I am not and I have no family history of diabetes. These lumps usually present with people who have a long standing history of type 1 diabetes.

They are going to follow up with an MRI and possibly another biopsy. This is technically good news, as it is not cancer, but I am left confused because I have no correlation to diabetes whatsoever. Anyone had strange biopsy readings that turn out to be something else later down the line?

Ella x

Hi sorry you’ve not had a reply so far . It does sound very confusing . You could maybe ask about this in the Ask the Nurses section ? I hope it continues to be good news for you .