Breast lump

Hi, I need some advice. I found a large lump in my left breast last night. There is no pain associated with it. This morning the lump had reduced in size. I went to the Doctors and was referred to my local hospital for further investigation. My Doctor could not reassure me either way. Tonight, the lump has increased in size again. Can anyone give me any advice on this please?

Hi there.
Im sorry i have got no experience, but am going though a similar thing myself, so just wanted to offer some support.
I found a lump on Friday and am waiting for my hospital appointment to and through to check it out.
I was and am still quite shocked as expected my doctor to reassure me, but re didn’t say much and refereed me.
I am new to forum, but its full of very supportive ladies whatever your outcome x

Hi just wanted to say that a lump that goes up and down in size is most often benign but obviously you need to be sure. I hope this proves to be the case for you. The wait is the worst regardless of the result, your head will be spinning until you know for sure , but you will get a lot of support on here. So thinking of you and all the best for your appointment .
Nicci x

Thank you both for your comments, appreciate the support. It’s difficult to know how to feel I guess, part of me feels positive, part of me tells myself to expect the worst. It’s comforting to know there are people out there going through the same emotions and I am not on my own, albeit I hate the fact anyone has to go through it. I have my appointment for Monday 12th, so will let you know how things progress, so you know what to expect Mrs Sparkle, until then take care of yourselves. Amanda x

Thankyou Amanda. My appointment came through today and its for Tuesday 13th x

Well just got back from the breast clinic. My lump was a cyst, thank goodness. Had a mammogram and then ultrasound when the Dr drained the cyst with a needle. Both tests fairly painless and straight forward. Have a follow-up appointment in 6 weeks. Very very relieved, although now more acutely aware of other people’s anxiety and grief when diagnosed with breast cancer. Good luck for tomorrow Mrs Sparkle.

Fantastic news amjan! Delighted it’s nothing sinister. Off to my appt shortly and hoping it’s as good news x