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hello forum members,
I am a 48 year old mother for 4 sons, I complained of pain in the left side of my left breast 5 days ago and when I touched my breast I found a hard lump, in the same day a red spot 2x2 cm appeared on my breast at the same site of the pain and the area was very warm , after 2 days the redness has subsided and still there is a minimal pain on touching and the lump is still there, I am expecting to have my period these days
what it could be?? I am planning to go to the doctor after 2 days but I am really worried and frightened and cant sleep from the fear, do u think it is not a serious condition bcoz it is a painful lump??

thanks in advance for ur kind response …

Hello there,
Sorry I dont know what it could be but if the area was warm to touch it might be an infection of some sort. Please do as you suggested and do visit your GP, never let it go for chance; your GP will be able to treat and reassure you, or send you to a breast clinic, you will not be wasting anyone’s time.

Best wishes, xxx

Hi bmwjor and welcome to the BCC forums

I am posting a link to the ‘BCC Breast awareness’ information which you may find helpful:

Our helpline is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2 on 0808 800 6000, please feel free to call for further support

Take care

I came across this site after surfing through the internet.I am new to this and I have just joined today. I have discovered that I am not alone and that there are many, many women going through the same issues as me.
Basically I found a lump on my right breast plus I also noticed that my breast looked a little out of shape, underneath where the lump is. I have kept putting off going to the doctors but yesterday i felt my breast again and decided i was being silly so i made a appointment.
I got checked out and i have been referred. I have no idea where I am been referred to. I guess it will be a breast clinic. I know i should have asked but i was a bit in shock mode.I was hoping she would tell me that everything was going to be OK. In fact i asked the doctor if i had cancer…she didn’t really answer, she just said well that’s why your’re been referred. What also scared me was that the doctor made an urgent referral so all i can think about is that I have cancer. If it wasn’t that then it wouldn’t be urgent…well that’s what is in my head.
Anyway when i got home all i could do was worry. I have no appetite either. I had a really bad nights sleep and have constant butterflies in my stomach. It hasn’t helped as i have been reading all sorts about benign and malignant breast lumps.
I just wish I could try and forget about it until my appointment but it’s constantly nagging in my head.I am a born worrier as it is…I am desperately trying my hardest to be positive about this.
Hope you know where i’m coming from.
Thanks for listening…:slight_smile:

Hi KB welcome to the BCC forums

Please feel free to access the above link I have posted to bmw as there is a publication called’ Referral to a breast clinic’ which you may find helpful to read, our helpliners are here to offer you support too so please give them a call

Take care

Thank you Lucy…:slight_smile:

I would like to add that the mass is freely mobile… does that change anything?
am really terrified

thank u a lot Lucy for ur efforts, u r such a great person , may GOD bless u

Don’t panic about speed of referral _ ALL WOMEN who report a breast lump to their GP MUST be referred to a specialist breast clinic within 2 weeks and that’s exactly what your GP has done. It’s not because your GP thinks you ‘might’ have cancer, it’s because this is The Rule (what the medics call a protocol i.e. the correct way to do things). Basically this is to rule out BC for most women and catch it as early as possible for those who do have BC.

hope that helps


Another thing to add is that about 9 out of 10 lumps AREN’T cancer.

We’re on here because we are the minority.

You are both going through one of the worst bits - the waiting and not knowing and fear of the unknown.

Try and keep busy, DON’T Google - there’s too much rubbish out there and you’ll scare yourselves silly. Stick to reputable sites - such as this one, Macmillan, Cancer Research, etc.

Good luck and I hope both of you haved nothing to worry about.

thank you Grumpy…the doctor wasnt very reasuring tbh…x

thing is they say 9 out of 10 aren’t cancerous but i have a lump that’s painless and doesn’t move and after googling stuff it’s saying that those are symptoms of cancer…am i crazy to worry??
Already i have resided to the fact i may have cancer so i scraped all my hair back to see what i would look like with no hair…crazy i know but sometimes i think it’s best to prepare ourselves for worst case sanarios just in case the worst comes to worst…x

i’m also trying to be realistic…i am trying to be positive but i think that sometimes you also need to be aware that a you could be the percentage with cancer…and that if you are the unlucky one it can be dealt with…there is always a light at the bottom of every tunnel…

@KB - I think for some of us it’s a way of coping to accept that there is the possibility of being in that percentage that do have cancer.

I know for me I am trying to focus on that fact that 8 or 9 out of 10 people with breast lumps do not have breast cancer, but also accepting that that means 1 or 2 out of 10 will turn out to have cancer and that I could be one of them. Obviously I hope I am not, but I need to be prepared in my mind for the possibility so I can hold it together if it is bad news.

I hope that makes sense!

B33 yes it does make sense…x

I think that the success rate is very good if breast cancer is diagnosed. I am absolutely worrying myself to death that i may have cancer but on the other hand i am also trying to think to myself that if i may be the one in that percentage then i know i am ready to prepare myself for it… at the end of the day if you have it, you have it so if that’s the case you have to get over that hurdle and be positive…:slight_smile:

Yes I have been reading a lot of things about the five year survival rate, especially for the earlier stages. So trying to think positive on that too, I got myself to the GP within a few days so I am hoping that even if it is BC (which it more likely is not) that acting quickly will mean it would hopefully be early stages and therefore a lot more beatable. For me though I am not so much worried for myself as for my children, the impact this would have on them, how would they cope, what if I am not able to be there for them as they grow up? :frowning:

For me, this part was the worst, the waiting… Prior to the clinic, then waiting for the test results…

I feel for you ladies and know exactly what you are going through. I don’t think anyone can prepare for being diagnosed with cancer, it is impossible to know…

What I will say, is that if you research, choose your research carefully, as there is a lot of out of date, scary stuff out there, and it will play on your mind, best sites are this one, and all the common cancer research sites. There are many sites that look reputable, and you will conflicting information.

Best of luck ladies!