Breast Lymphodema

I saw the nurse practioner this week and she says I have breast lymphodema, I thought it only occured in the arm. I am to be refered to a clinic.

Is there any other ladies who have had this problem? Any advice/information would be much appreciated

Dear susanmary,

While you are waiting for other forum members to come along and respond to your question I wondered if you had seen our publication on lymphoedema.  I’ve attached the link for you in the hope it may be of some help:

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Hi Susannah I have mild lymphoedema in my breast .it is 16months since I had first started a year ago but been more sore lately so I was referred to clinic.I have been shown how to massage  my chest to try and encourage drainage to the other is sorer after a few days of doing it but hoping it will help.take care Denise x

Hi susanmary I have breast lymphoedema and in my arm . In December I was referred to the lymphoedema nurse and she gave me as sleeve and a compression bra. It has helped . I am still in pain but I feel it would have been worse if I hadn’t had them . I go back to clinic in February . Hope that helps x x

I have it too, over an implant and it is really uncomfortable.  Lymphatic drainage massage twice a day helps, a friend showed me how to do it - he worked in a hospice - and my physio knows i am doing it.  I have also been advised to take ibuprofen (with food) to reduce any inflammation - I am down from 6 to 4 pills now.  A little exercise often helps too.  My op was at the end of October 2013

Thanks for replies. Its now over 3 weeks since my referral (which got lost!!) and still no appointment for clinic, although the breast care nurse has explained how to do massage and things to avoid doing.

Just want to make sure I am doing things right. Feel frustrated.