Breast Lymphoedema issues

I had two WLE in December and January for invasive DCIS followed by radiotherapy at the end of March … 5 sessions

I had no problems initially but after about a month the pores in my breast became huge, the nipple was like solid rubber and I had hard bits under the nipple and along the inner side.
I persevered for a month or so then saw the BCN who said it was lymphoedema and referred me to the clinic.

The clinic last month confirmed it. It’s apparently quite significant and they told me it won’t ever go but I will learn to manage it. They are going to teach me some lymphatic drainage techniques.

I bought a lymphoedema compression bra … a bit like a straight jacket but it seems to help.

The bigger issue for me is the constant bruised feeling all down the outer side of the breast/chest wall which has never ever gone. It’s been like it since the first op in December, is constant and whilst it’s not pain as such it feels like bad bruising all the time and any tough hurts.

Does anyone have or heard of similar and does anyone have any tips for breast lymphoedema

Hi i had several sessions at the lymphodema clinic and found them very helpful. A year on amd its far better although my breast is still a size bigger than the normal one, i still have orange peel skin but i wear a peuce of mobiderm in my bra cup to stop the skin going hard.
I had no idea that i wpuld end up with lymphodema and any advice online seems to tell you it’ll maybe get better in a few months.
What really helped me was a vibrating machine at the clinic that massages right under the skin and gets the lymph moving. The nurse measures your fluid before and after each session so that you know if it has worked or not. Im sorry i cant remember the name of it, it really hrlped me though.

One thing that does help with lymphoedema is drinking water. I now drink at least 2x glasses an hour and I feel this improves discomfort and softens the breast area.
I do a triangle shape hands on my breast and circular movement. It’s the best I’ve found for softening things up.
I currently have an infection, had mammogram and ultrasound. They drained an oil cyst, but it’s still there.
I’m 2x years post lumpectomy (tiny) and on Letrazole.

I had left breast mastectomy, reconstruction and lymph node clearance in August. I had 36 lymph nodes removed and 27 were cancerous. Having chemo now.
I wasnt told much about lymphodaema but im guessing that might be what ive got. Swelling alongside my reconstructed breast and gone up about 3 bra sizes even though reconstructed breast is meant to be smaller than my original breast.
It sometimes feels like im turning to wood.

Ive been trying to cope with chemo so honestly not given much thought to lymphodaema but will try to find out about massage, etc.