Breast lymthodema

Hi I has my mx and reconstruction 4 months ago. Well since then have swelling and discomfort that’s worse in morning. Feels full and discomfort. This tends to ease as day goes on :slight_smile:
well I had a ultrasound last week to check all ok and he confirm fluid within the skin, I also seen a manual lymthatic nurse who said this is breast lymthodema. She is trying massage and taping. Massage helps but the tape worse after 2nd day. Not sure why.
my breast look really odd first thing in the morning as its been squeezed during the night, this get better. Just would like to know some advise on breast lymthodema.
my questions are
my surgeon seems to think my lymthatic system is just congested after sential node biospy and will right it self after a year!! Has anyone else found this???
Has anyone found morning to be the worse, any tips to help this???
Have you found taping breast helps?? is it meant to work straight away??
i swim 3 times a week which helps, is there any thing else that helps.??
i have been shown how to do manual lymthatic drainage on myself, as yet not seen a great improve. more when the lady does it for me.
i have no swelling in arm just breast fullness and discomfort with mild swelling, worse in morning.
my main thing why I’m posting to see your experience with breast lymthodema and what helps for you.
sorry to ramble on xxx


Hello Hay123,
Not sure I can be of much help but wanted to reply as I have lymphodema in my right hand and lower arm and some lymphodema in my right breast. This is a reconstruction and as the area is numb, can’t feel it, but the skin looks like an orange peel in the lower half. I understand that improvement is gradual - so keep up with the MLD and SLD. My lymphodema improves overnight. It might be worth experimenting with bras, for example. That is the way I have managed my lymphoedema - once the swelling was stable, I have tried different things. I wear a sports bra and I have learned to tape the breast with kinseo tape- its called a tulip, looks like (((( )))) but longer - sorry best way I can describe it!! I have seen improvements, but its gradual. Ive had so many bugs not been able to swim but its meant to help.
This part of the forum is pretty quiet so hang on in there for replies!
Rattles, xx

Thank Rattles
we have spoken before as we had the same surgery reconstruction with strattice mesh. Thanks for the tips. Mines worse in the morning. Implant looks deformed to how I’ve laid and the swelling is where its been pressed. I find sport bra helps, tighter the better. But I was told to go bra less at night. my lymthatic therapist has used tape but it worse after 2nd day, I suppose its trial and error until its stable. I’ve notice if I’m stressed the pectoral muscle will feel tighter and the swelling worse. Strange. Swimming is good, it does help. Hope you are ok xxx

Hi Hay 123,
I have not had recon but do have lymphoedema of chest on mx site. I too have had MLD by the lymph nurses and shown how to do simple lymphatic drainage massage. I must say I can see a difference when nurses do it apposed to myself. They have ordered me a special bra. Perhaps you could ask your clinic if its available for you. Not arrived yet so not sure how effective it will be, but perhaps worth a try. xxx