Breast milk as a "treatment"

Did anyone hear recently on the news that drinking breast milk has shown to reduce cancer cells? Last week I was at a local farm where the farmers daughter and I were discussing the subject as she is breast feeding her baby and belongs to group of breast feeding mums. It was brought up if I would like to try it to see if it had any effect. I turned it down at the time as I really don’t like milk!! Now having looked into it a bit more I am thinking I should give it a try though it just feels a little strange. I would be really interested to hear if anyone has tried it and your views on the subject!!

Hi bill-ben, just googled this and found a connection with breast milk being trialled for use for bladder cancer patients but not breast cancer patients.
I breast fed my D until she was just over a year old so feel I have an open mind about the many good properties of breast milk but I’m not convinced about this one and yes, if I’m honest, it does seem a little weird too. But then again I drink cow’s milk so no more weird I 'spose??? Just my muddled thoughts. X

Hmmm… not googled this, but I can think of more accessible (and almost certainly cheaper) sources of calcium!  Maybe there is some other beneficial compound in human breastmilk? if so I’d rather this was researched properly, I think breastmilk banks should be for needy babies.

Just my 2p’worth - and yes, I breastfed my own 3 in my late 20s, many years before bc dx at 56.

I fed my three for nearly 3 years (combined not individually) which goes against the theory that it helps protect against breast cancer or that breast fed children tend not to have weight problems we prove that wrong!!! From what I have read, this idea about breast milk has had results with people with cancer in the brain and liver, I have both as well as bones. I have always said I would try any treatment and do understand any reservations anyone has I have them myself. When I was feeding my eldest I had so much milk I used to freeze the spare and donate it to the hospital where he was born (by the time the second came along 21 months later it was the height of the 80’s aids scare and they would no longer take it)  Hopefully no baby would be efffected by donating mothers as they would only give spare milk.  One web site I went on covered the fact that there have been lots of “natural” cures for many illnesses which have been as good as blocked by the drug making companies who make vast amounts of money from other peoples misfortune. These days of the internet it can be so difficult to make decisions about what information is out there is correct and what is a load of rubbish!! I shall continue to look into it before deciding what to do.

Hi Desi boy you have had a pretty rotten time of it. It is so difficult to know what to do as regard to going the alternative route or “medical” route. Even before I was diagnosed I always said I would try anything if I was ever affected but I would never refuse the medical side having seen a neighbour unsuccessfully go exclusively the alternative.I always think both ways have their place when used to compliment each other. Trouble is what is good for you today is bad for you tomorrow!! As I have said I do think the drug companies really need to be looked into more. I know research is very costly but how can you justify some of the costs of their drugs. It is us who suffer when the powers that be say a certain drug is too expensive. To me if they made the drugs cheaper the NHS would use them so the drug companies sell more and make more and we keep going a bit longer. There that’s my rant. Hope you are feeling better now.