Breast odeama - lifelong condition and depression

After all I’ve been through I now have confirmed lifelong breast odeama.  This despite the fact I kept telling my hospital that I had what looked like white lines in my breast.  They have seen my breasts almost monthly and left things until this point! 


You can’t  get Kineso tex gold tape in NHS and it’s expensive.  Today I’ve just had enough ?

Hello. I am so sorry to hear about your breast oedema. I have lymphoedema in the breast following an axillary node clearance. I was diagnosed quite quickly as I developed cellulitis and ended up in hospital with intravenous antibiotics. This meant I got referred to the lymphoedema clinic before I got any hardening of the breast tissue. Have you been able to access specialist nurses? If not press for a referral. I have had some improvement in symptoms with manual lymphatic drainage given by the specialist nurses. I also wear a compression bra and lymph pad in my bra. I have been given some kinesio tape by the nurses and shown how to use it. This has helped a lot. If the NHS is not very supportive in your area you might want to try contacting the lymphoedema support network charity (if you search on line you should find it). I know I will probably never get rid of the swelling completely, but I have been able to reduce the swelling and the pain. I also take naproxen -an anti-inflammatory to assist and reduce the pain. You are not alone -I know what a kick in the teeth it feels getting this on top of everything else.

Take care. Love Amero xxx

Amero I was on Naproxen for my hip while waiting a hip-op for many years. While in hospital in 2009 with a fractured knee…a passing consultant asked if he could look at my med record…he saw Naproxen and said to me please ask your Dr to use something else as it isnt Kidney friendly! I mentioned it and (nothing).
In 2014 my dr said I am taking you off Naproxen because your diabetic blood and water test shows Protein in your water!!
What he failed to say was I was now diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease STAGE 4!!! ?
I only found out this in May this year after being ill on holiday last Aug 2016
I was tested as usual in Jan and they missed that I am also anemic which is due to the Chronic Kidney Disease.
Nearly 4 years I could have been trying hard to kep the (eFGR) numbers up.
At 15 it will mean dialysis. .now my heart is pumping too fast.
This comes on slow so I don’t want to alarm you but please ask for something else or at least question it with your Dr xxx