Breast pain and aching arm and leg

For a few months now I have had a throbbing in my right breast.for about a week now I have been feeling a stinging/burning pain in my breast and armpit I also have a very tender spot under my armpit.anyway the past few days my arm on same side has started to really ache which is now radiating into my finding it hard to sleep because of the pain and discomfort.i am due to see doctor Thursday I’m just wondering whether people think it’s cancer as my go seems to think it could be x

Hi Laura


I can’t really answer your question, when do you see the doctor - I assume you mean at the Breast Clinic.   I’m sending you positive thoughts  and wishing you well for that day.  


Poemsgalore xx

I have an appointment this was last Thursday I saw my gp and he straight away got on the phone to the just worried because I have no idea what to expect.i am only 26 feel to young for breast cancer but my gp straight away mentioned breast cancer I was like omg! :frowning: I have 3 children all under 5yrs old it’s so hard thinking what could happen in the future.everr since visiting my gp I’ve had more pain in my upper arm and all through my right leg.its worrying because the pain is all on the same side of my body :frowning: xx

I am in the same situation, only 27 and have a really sore right breast and pains in my upper arm, my appointment is on wed, will post on here to let you know what they think it is and hopefully put ur mind at ease. Unfortunately I have a large lump, which I couldn’t feel but the doctor could and like u made an emergency appointment. Try to stay focused on your children, they always make things easier and laughter is the best thing to keep ur mind off of anything.take care

I saw my doctor on Monday with a small lump and inverted nipple. It’s only Thursday and I’m supposed to be referred with 2 weeks. I’m starting to feel an aching on that side too which is scary but I’m not sure it’s real or my mind playing tricks. Sounds like a scary time for all so my thoughts and best wishes to you all…