breast pain and difference in breast tissue

hello everyone i am a newbie on here and spent all last night readying everyone’s posts, what a wonderful site. I have been having pain in my left breast and armpit for a couple of months and my left breast feels a bit heavy, I finally went to gp yesterday who examined me and said he could feel a difference in the breast tissue, it’s harder on the left where the pain is, but there is no  lump as such. He said he doesn’t think it’s cancer but what else can it be? Both breasts look exactly the same according to my husband. I am convinced now that I have breast cancer, i 've had the flu on and off since December which is making me think I must be really poorly, maybe immune system is low and thus definitely have cancer. I wondered if there is anybody on this site who actually has cancer following a painful breast?

Hiya, breast pain can be a symptom but it’s not always the most common one, your GP is right to get you checked out further but that’s not because he thinks it’s cancer , he can’t know for certain just by examining you, breast cancer shows it’s self in all sorts of ways and the majority of women will be reffered to the breast clinic and also the majority of them will walk away with the all clear.


I know it’s so hard not to let your mind think of the worst case scenario but try and keep busy and distracted as much as possible, it’s also natural to feel ill and aches and pains all over so you will imagine it’s cancer before you know anything , this is mainly down to the anxiety you will be feeling , it’s a bugger! 

Please come back and let us know how you get on Xx Jo 

I was hoping for stage one cancer st best. and had prepared myself for it my husband s first wife died of non hodginsons lymphoma so he’s been through the mill but thanks to god all my tests were clear after examining and mammogram. My unusual breast tissue is due to peri menopause as it 49 and my pain is from other issues in my body. I m still a bit sceptical but he s a leading consultant in his field. I have been in such a state so I can only sort of imagine what you positive ladies are going through you are all amazing and I wish you all the best of luck x

Strudel you are so lovely on this forum and your words really mean something my friend had bc 4’years ago and has had a terrible experience but is coming out the other end feeling healthy and wiser xx