Breast pain before lumpectomy, anyone else?

My lumpectomy is still 11 days away and the bust with the cancer in is really aching today and under my armpit (biopsy was over 2 weeks ago).     It is awful to think the cancer is still in there growing.  On the scans  my lump was 13 mm but with this pain I am imagining all sorts of things  especially as it’s Grade 3, the breast nurse did say they don’t grow that quickly but reading the forum it seems that people are finding they have when they get to their operation. 

Hi Patchworkgirl,

It’s not unusual for the size or grade to change after surgery, it’s just that the tumour can be examined properly once it’s removed & accurately measured & the type & grade finalised, so try not to worry about that, as the nurse says, nothing is going to change drastically before the op. So, it’s not that it’s grown, rather the tumour has been fully examined & reported. 

My final results changed from grade 1 to 2, although the size remained the same, which in my case, did not change anything. 

ann x

Hi Patchwork,

I had bruising and pain from my biopsies right up to the day of my surgery and my surgeon told me there was a large hemotoma in my breast from the biopsies.

If you are worried you could give your BC nurse a call. x