Breast pain, nausea and swelling

Hi all, 

I have had severely bruised like breast pain in the left breast and slightly larger for 5-6 weeks now, it has also this week spread into my right breast and can be quite painful when pressing down. I also get on and off nausea where by i feel so dizzy and sick i physically cant do anything. My appointment at the breast clinic is on monday im so anxious i cant even put into words. I feel like they’re going to tell me the worst. 

Has anyone experienced any of these symptoms before (not pregnant related) 

Im just fed up of feeling like this now its taking over my life, everyday the pain is there and have flu like syptoms. so scared x

Hi Charlotte , good that you are being seen at the breast clinic on Monday .
the symptoms you are describing could just as easily have non cancer related explanations and your anxiety about your symptoms could also be contributing to you feeling unwell .Once you have a worry it’s very easy to be hyper aware of everything going on in your body and aches and pains you wouldn’t have thought twice about in the past suddenly cause anxiety . Try to keep busy , don’t Google your symptoms and feel free to chat here for support . Good luck on Monday . Jill x

Hi charlotte

I completely endorse what Jill has said. Breast cancer is often detected late because there are so few symptoms. Pain, nausea, dizziness…none of these is an early sign of breast cancer. Many things can go wrong with our breasts because they are related so closely to our hormones. If your hormones aren’t balanced, your boobs are likely to be the first sign, with tenderness/pain, swelling…all sorts of stuff.

It’s good you have your appointment tomorrow. Hopefully it will put your mind at rest. Meantime, why not use apps like Calm and Headspace or explore YouTube for videos that can help you relax, clear your mind and get a different perspective? It’s better than feeling sick with worry about hearing “the worst”. That term intrigues me because it means such different things to different people. If it helps, most breast referrals do not lead to a cancer diagnosis.

All the best for tomorrow. Let us know the outcome? Xx


I’ve been experience these symptoms for 3 months now on my right breast. I’ve done any possible examination with benign results (ultrasound & mri). All I can tell you is that mine is 1000% caused by hormonal imbalance and a stressful period for over 6 months accompanied by severe weight loss due to depression.

I’m taking EPO for 20 days now and I’m waiting for some hopeful results.

How are you? 

Hey! did you ever find out what it was (hormonal or note) and did your symptoms ever resolve? this sounds similar to what I have currently.