Breast pain only when submerged in water

Hi - I have a history of multiple intraductal papillomas and fibroystic changes and more recently of galactoceles under each nipple following the end of breastfeeding 2 years ago.

In the last week my breast under my areola has been painful (like getting lemon juice in a cut followed by a deeper pain) each time water from the bath or shower touches it. I’ve had no joy from Google - this seems like an unknown problem. I went to see the GP today who was very dismissive and prescribed antibiotics. I don’t want to take the antibiotics because there is no other suggestion of infection. No redness, heat, fever, abnormal discharge. I’ve had mastitis before and this is nothing like it.

I am worried considering my previous history. Anyone experienced anything similar? Would be grateful for something to work with!

Thanks in advance.



Hi just wanted to acknowledge your post on here.


I dont know if your surgery has more than one GP in it, if so perhaps you could arranged to see another of the doctors and see what they say.  You are obviously worried and need re-assurance so it would be worth a try.