breast pain

Hi guys, im a 28 yr old and have often felt a very painfull burning sensation in both of my breasts. I have never seen a pattern to this pain, for example after/before my period and am unable to pin point it to anything else. However this week I have had it everyday as opposed to once every few months. Its also lasting all day instead of an hour or so previously. Im really worried about this and am awaiting a Dr’s appt to have it checked. Anyone had this before? I must add my Dr checked for lumps recently and found nothing. Iv been feeling tired and sick lately (im not pregnant!) and i think this is fueling my worry.


lyon 1980

Maybe it is hormonal. Are you on the pill? Some types can make people feel quite ill, and when they change it, they get on just fine. Still, best to check it out.

Take care. Ann x