breast pain

breast pain

breast pain has anybody had breast pain and found it went by cutting out caffine? it has been a miricle cure for me! Wanted to share that as the docs didnt tell me this would help. I found it on the internet. Anyway, for anyone suffering it may be worth giving it a try???

tried it and it didn’t work for me

tamoxifen has had a much bigger impact


—I’ve experienced this too —Hi

I used to get breast pain in my left breast, for no rhyme or reason.

They were random attacks too. A kind of sudden stabbing pain into the centre of my breast. It’s like someone took a needle and jabbed you straight into your breast. I mentioned it to my doctor on occasion, but I was always told not to worry that it’s nothing. They did mention cutting down on caffeine and salt.

I don’t really like coffee so I found it easy to cut it out and I haven’t had those pains since.

Having said that, I think it’s always wise to see a doc if it continues to concern you.