breast pain

Changed from Tamoxefin to Aromasin about four weeks ago. I have had pain in my left breast for about a week. Right breast was the one I had cancer in and for 3 months before diagnoses experienced pain in that breast. I am seeing Gp on Friday as I am scared but only had mammogram in April all ok and was examined by Onc on 14th JUNE. I know I am getting a bit paranoid again. Wondered if it carries on would Gp send me for another mammogram so soon …I will give it a few weeks before requesting one just to see if it goes. Unless Gp says different.
Here we go again!!! Weight creeping up again too.

Hi Bobbie you could always call your breast nurse & ask her if she feels it needs checking or even just to give you peace of mind

I know what you mean about being paraniod I too had my cancer in my right breast & always threating over my left one miy mammo & examination on my left one was ok too in April


Hi Makalar… Thanks for getting back to me , Pain gone thank God.
Fatigue awful,plus hot flushes again since changing to Aromasin.
EH OH Happy days.
Love Bobbie