Breast pain

Hi everyone, I was diagnoised 6 weeks ago and have been on Tamoxifen for 3 weeks. My tumour is more than 4cm across, so am hoping the Tamozifen will shrink it enough that I don’t need a masectomy.      My question is, does anyone having the same treatment,  get stabbing pains in and around the tumour?          

Hi Karen, I’m on Tamoxifen but started after my tumour was removed, I have read several times here of ladies saying they had tumour pain pre op though, if you post on the just diagnosed thread there are plenty of ladies going through various stages of treatment who can hopefully help answer your question better Xx Jo 

Hi Karen63 - I’m presuming you’ve had a biopsy? I know I had sharp pains every now & again after that & I was told that was quite common. I had lumpectomy 4 weeks ago & although it hasn’t happened yet I’ve been told it can happen after that as well. I think it’s due to nerve endings healing or having been through a trauma- don’t quote me on that!! But what I’m trying to say is I think it’s normal xx