breast puckering?

I looked at my boobs in the mirror tonight. I feel every now and then but dont look to be honest.
when arms are straight down, all looks ok. but when i lift my arms up… on my right breast you can see two kind of parallel indented lines…
When i put my arms back down… one line remains… not indented… but almost looks like a vein? lift up… indents are back.
I asked my bf to look, and he also said that breast seems much bigger. Is this a cause for concern? Thanks


Maybe make an appointment with your GP so you can either put your mind at rest or have this checked out by your local breast care team._ _All the advice is… any changes or anything that worries you -see your GP.

Hope all is OK, but better to find out than have your fingers in your ears!


thanks hun. i have a tendency to panic and just need some reassurance x

So i took some photos of my breasts last night… lol not in a naughty way! but so I could then easily notice any changes in the future… oh my god the difference between them is ridiculous. To the point I look kind of deformed. Id post it here if i could.
Im now noticing every little thing. an itch. a slight pain. ohhh the paranoia!!
sorry. just venting to myself

hi charys and kess.
yes kess… i made appointment… but they were overun that day. so i saw the consultant who said i needed an ultrasound… but the department had cloaed. because docs on holiday and bank hol i had up to 6 week wait. app came through yday. 2nd September… 2 weeks feel like a long time
. but could have been 6 weeks!? x

Hiya. so 8 days til scan… had a look again today… breast been very heavy and achey yday and today… There is also a third indentation now…
Ive gotten to the point I have told my partner I am going to do a pregnancy test tomorrow (even though just finished period) as something def feels off… and trying to think what hormonal issues…
not breastfeeding… not on the pill. not going through menopause (well… im 29 so i hope not?!), so going ro check pregnancy too.
I feel like Im going a bit crazy… Ive had scares… and prob coz it wasnt one stop shop thing Ive too much time to think, but it 100% feels different… as in, normally I would say, nah, im being paranoid. But Im scared Im not being this time. Something has def changed… just focusing on benign causes.
Sorry. just venting to myself x