breast ready to burst sounds squishy after WLE

Hi everyone i get some really good advice from all you ladies on here
Iam hoping you can help after WLE about a wk after i was feeling ok healing well much happier in myself until about 10 days after having WLE my breast feels like its ready to burst and when i walk i can kinder hear a squishy sound from my breast like its got water in it to touch it its kinder numb but alittle painful so the painkillers i had stoped taking iam now taking again any help or advice would be great thanks again maxine xxx

Phone your BCN. You probably have a build-up of fluid called a seroma, and the BCN can drain this for you through the scar so it doesn’t hurt.


I had a build up of fluid after they took my drain out. It was extremely painful, hot and red. I didn’t have the squishy sound tho!
I went to the seroma clinic and they drained it off and what a relief that was! They also gave me some strong anti biotics as they thought I might have an infection.
Phone your BCN as soon as possible before it gets worse!
Good luck

Hi - as Cherly and Buzzy say please phone your breast care nurse and get this checked out, they can soon drain it for you. Glad you are finding this site a good source of comfort and inspiration as i do too. I thought i had fluid as could feel a lump but that was ok as was told its scar tissue that will soon settle down but i still get it checked out weekly. Keep posting :slight_smile:
Shar xxxxx

Agree with all the postings that this sounds very much like a seroma. You may not need antibiotics but having it drained may make it more comfortable.
Definitely get it checked out though as the last you need is any infection there.
take care, elinda x

Thanks i will get it checked out i have rang my bc nurse and left a message it she asnt returned the call in the morning i will ring someone else not sure who maybe local gp

I agree that this sounds like a seroma. I have had mine drained before now and it is surprisingly not painful! I couldn’t believe that they were inserting a tube and it didn’t hurt, as that area was still numb. It is incredible how much liquid can be drawn off.

I am a bit unusual in that I have chosen to keep mine. I have actually had mine for nearly 4 years now, it has been drained and my whole breast caved in! I hadn’t realised the extent of the surgery because the seroma had filled the gap. I saw the surgeon who was happy for me to leave it, as she described it as ‘nature’s little filler.’ Most people want them removed because they can be uncomfortable, but mine has given me back a cleavage and doesn’t hurt. If it turns red or itches I have been advised that I need to have it drained immediately.

Good luck with the drainage!

Nicola xx

I was surprised at the huge dimple that was left when they drained mine! It soon filled up again though not as bad and painfully as before. I have to have a re-excision next week so they have decided to leave the fluid there for now. It has been itchy the last couple of days tho. What does that mean?

My first post!

I had a WLE last Wednesday – still have the dressing on and waiting for the results.

Everything seems ok, but last night I started glugging! I think it’s the same as the squishing sound others have mentioned, but it’s definitely a glug! A bit alarming at first, so it was great to read all the other comments and to realise that it’s quite common. Hoping to see my BCN later today.

Hi, I remember after I had my WLE I had a similar experience, where my breast swelled up and went hard (didn’t get a slushing noise). In my case it was a build up of blood (is that what seroma is?) and the nurse took great pleasure in squeezing it all out, just like one would a spot! Left a huge hole which had to be packed and then I had a health visitor come every day for several months to clean and repack, till eventually the hole filled up on its own with new tissue. Has left the breast a bit puckered around that part of the scar but otherwise no problems. Funny, I’d forgotten about all that till I read this post!

Alison x

Hi all

The BCC publication ‘Your operation and recovery’ describes some of the issues you are discussing here so here’s the link if you are interested:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/100/

Best wishes

Alison, that was a haematoma, filled with blood, a seroma is filled with non-bloody body fluids.

OK :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments.

I have just spoken to my BCN. She said that because my lymph nodes were not involved they don’t need to drain the area - the liquid should be reabsorbed within a week or so.

im still trying to work out if the swelling is just down to the fact only had op last week and the fact it getting close to that time of month again for me and my breast swell up every month but right now the left is ready to pop i carnt ware a bra as the underarm is killing me the most and i heard that pop last night no leakage tho