Breast Recon with Implants

I haven’t been on this site for a few years but now I need your very much welcome guidance/advice/support/thoughts.

I was diagnosed in 2005 and had 2 WLE ops, chemo and radio. My boob kind of goes to one side and there is an obvious dent where the stitches were.

The opportunity has now arisen to have either:

(a) fat taken from my stomach which will consist of a few operations as I haven’t go that much (luckily), and an uplift to the other boob to match;

(b) implants

Now I seem to going towards the idea of implants purely because the operation is quicker with less scaring and more or less immediate results.

I would be grateful if anybody who has had or considering this operation could please give me some pointers.

I know it’s a personal decision but I would welcome other thoughts.

Many thanks


Hi Baldick

I was diagnosed in 2008 and had WLE on right side. I have always had small boobs and this made me look even more out of proportion. My BC nurse referred me to a plastic surgeon and after much discussion I have decided to go for Silicone implants and fat transfer to dent!! To be honest cant wait new beginnings for me! Waiting list is still quite long though but hopefully should be sorted in September.
Good look with your decision

Kayty x

I don’t have enough tummy for a tummy tuck recon but my plastic surgeon very keen for me to have and LD (back flap) with an implant under it. They do this frequently at our hosp. It seems to be the kind they prefer. It’s a bigger op than just the implant with strattice or permacol which is replacement tissue( pig tissue basically) and this is the route I’m thinking of they don’t tend to do implant only without any other tissue at my unit and not sure they fo it elsewhere or not. The implant only op is shorter and has a quicker recovery but like every op there’s risk of complications eg poor wound healing and infection being the main ones.

Ask your bcn if she has any contacts that would be willing to show you the results of their recons. My friends with LD ones do look excellent and cannot tell they have had surgery and scar is under the bra line on the back.

Good luck


Hi there

From having had several conversations with ps’ about recon, my opinion is that ld or tram flap are probably the best, in terms of giving a good cosmetic outcome.

I had tissue expander initally, and to be honest, i hate it. It is hard, sits too high, and is unatural in appearance.

I am now going to go for ld flap in the next few months, to try and get a better result.

With implant only, the op and recovery is quick, but for me , the end result is not that great (just my own opinion).
Also with implant only, things tend to happen over time, they can move, encapsulate or ripple (this is what has happened to me).

Achieving symmetry is also harder with an implant only recon.

All the best with whatever you decide to do…it is a hard decision to make.

Naz x

Thank you for your comments - gives me more to think about. My PS did mention taking skin from my back but I ruled this out immediately as I tend to wear low/no back tops and the thought of another scar at the back made me shudder. Looks like more research needed! :slight_smile: