Breast reconstruction - bra tips and bra extenders going spare if you want some!

Hi all,

I had a left mx and diep reconstruction on 28th Feb. All went well (although I have quite a bit of fat necrosis which I’m hoping will sort itself out with some massage and time). I now have an agonising wait of 10 days to find out if I need chemo or tamoxifen.

Anyway, before you go into hospital you get the list of stuff you might need (firm control pants, supportive non-underwired bra etc) and now I’ve got 3 bra extenders that I never used if anyone wants them? They are 3 hook ones - white, black and nude coloured. I’m happy to pay postage to anywhere in UK. It just seems a shame to throw them out if someone could use them. It might save someone a slight bit of stress if they arrive in your letterbox rather than going out looking for them!


Also, if you’re looking for a soft bra to wear after diep/tram flap surgery - I was really impressed with Asda. I got a 2pack of their nursing bras (£15) for hospital and the nurses said they were perfect. They can check the new breast regularly and it’s easy to open and close quickly. I’m now wearing Asda post-surgery bras at home which suit me better as they have more support for my little boobs.

Hope this helps somebody. If you would like the bra extenders just let me know and I will send them off straight away. 
Lots of love to anyone who reads this. We are all in it together.

Linda x