Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Hi everyone, I hope all is well and we’re all managing this crazy journey we are currently going through. 

I was diagnosed with stage 3 BC last year in November, as you all know it turns your world upside down. All of a sudden I found my life was consumed by my diagnosis, the amount of information that was given, what my body will be going through I found all soo overwhelming alot to get my head around! I feel like im in a better place now, I’ve had time to come to terms with it, although l still have anxiety at times and do struggle with my sleep. 

I started chemo last year in December and recently finished in April last month. I have to say chemo definitely took it out of me! The level of tiredness I had never experienced anything like it along with the other side effects with chemo. I’m glad my chemo has finally finished, I now have surgery to deal with. I will be having a mastectomy, lymph nodes removed with immediate reconstruction using my own tissue/muscles I will be having a LD flap reconstruction. 

Has anyone else had a similar/ LD flap reconstruction surgery they could advise me or even for reassurance the outcome is positive. Any advice would be grateful. 

I wish everyone well sending big hugs, we are all at different stages in our journey, stay positive, stay strong xx 

Hi ,you could maybe post this in the surgery section of the forum too ,I’m sure there are people on the forum currently who’ve had this op .Hope it goes well for you .Best wishes Jill .