Breast Reconstruction

Hi all.  I have just had a cancer diagnosis and been told I have to have a mastectomy.  I have been given three options for reconstruction, Implant, Back Muscle & Tummy Muscle.  Really looking for advice on trying to decide which option is the best from you all that have had these reconstructions.  Xxx

Hi @Chops369  - first of all welcome to this forum, although I’m obviously very sorry you find yourself on here. You are doing exactly the right thing by coming onto a reputable site to look for information and asking for advice.

Reconstruction is a very personal decision based on many factors. I had an implant with my mastectomy and would be very happy to answer further questions.

Things to consider are breast size, how important the look of the reconstruction is (own tissue is I believe more natural looking, for example), recovery time (implant recovery should be quicker) and any ideas your own consultant has given you. Your surgeon may have photos of previous operations he has done - you could ask to look at those to give you an idea of what to expect.

I wish you all the very best as you go forward. This forum is here for practical advice, but also moral support and hand holding. There is a lovely team of nurses on here too who you can speak to with medical questions, or again for support. You can phone them or contact them via the message boards. Evie xx