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I have just been diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma grade 2 and grade 1 in the right breast and I have been recommended to have a mastectomy  with operation first form of treatment.  The results of my mri showed a concerning area which I have just had a biopsy to check to see if cancerous and have to wait for another 11 days to find out.  The consultant has recommended me to look at ld reconstruction but the breast care has said to expect I may not get to the size I am and may not have enough tissue.  I am 34dd I am 5ft 6  and weigh 10st 4 so not that light and carry more weight on my thighs and bum but do have a little flab on my stomach.  I have been given the reconstruction book to consider all options.  I am totally confused as I dont have the results from my biopsy of the left boob. they have said they will try and save the boob if it is cancerous.  I dont want to have an implant in only one side and not the other and am keen to have natural tissue if poss.  Can anyone help with my confusion?? I am very body conscious I wear fitted clothes as this is part of who I am. My head is done in and having to wait yet another 11 days is driving me mad.  Please help! Advise please. I am a young 48 lol. awaiting help.

Hi Alihodgie - I have just had an Mx with LD flap - including all the skin removed from my breast, this was done with 30 mins notice so I didn’t have long to come to terms with it at all!  They took part of the muscle from my back and the rest was a small implant - obviously I was not so well endowed as you and was a 34D or 36C. Surely you don’t want to lose the good boob in order for them to match? The surgeons will do their best to make any new breast as natural as possible, it is amazing what they can do these days. You would still be able to wear tight fitting clothes because clothed you would look the same and still have your cleavage etc. I would be guided by the surgeon’s advice - they do know best after all it is their job.  I had a WLE and ANC last year and part of me wishes they had just done the MX then rather than having had a year of thinking all was well when it quite obviously wasn’t. To me it seems as last year’s op and chemo and RADS was all for nothing. I am sure others will be around to offer some advice soon as well. What matters is being well and ALIVE at the end of the day. Hope you manage to come to the best decision for you at the end of the day. Waiting for biopsy results is awful and I know that everyone on here will have been in that horrible position as well. Take care  KM x

Hi Alihodgie

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Since been been diagnosed with cancer in my right breast i have now been diagnosed with a small cancer in my left breast I was all geared up to having my op the 5 dec but since attending a different hospital the cancer specialist picked up my lmypth gland was swollen and did a biopsy which found the cancer had gone to my lmypth nodes something my previous consultant had missed on the mri. I now have started chemo yesterday and had a bone scan and ct scan at the same time but feel fine today not sure how long this is going to last? anyone got any advise?