Breast reconstructive surgery concern

I went through my breast reconstructive surgery 6years ago. 
It is a sling type implant, from day one I always have issue with the look. 

can ask you all, how I go about asking my surgeon to “fix” the mess I have lived with. Or do I just suck it up and be thankful I have so far beat cancer. 

my breasts have a deep crease running from side to side which is very noticeable through bra and clothing  my nipples are both “looking” in different directions.  I am so self conscious and hate wearing anything tight or thin  

I don’t want to insult his work, how can info about this, I’m only 38. Today is Tuesday evening and I have an appointment with him on Thursday morning.  

Good morning

i do hope you get some good results today, you are still very young and I’m sure you want to look your best, I don’t think you will insult him or his work knowing he would want the best for his patient, 

Making you look and feel good is a very big part of recovering from breast cancer, 

wishing you well with your appointment today, come back to the forum and let us know how you are doing.

big hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow: