Breast reduction on good side anyone?

hello, I am thinking of having my “good breast” removed or considerably reduced in size as i don’t want a reconstruction and i want to be “evened up” as it were - just wondered if anyone else has either had this or considered it?

Moser i have just posted on the thresd ‘Breast Lift on good side to gain symmetry’ not sure if that helps any

rhian x

Hi Mose

I am on a waiting list at the moment for a reduction and lift on my good side, for the same reason as you… i have also decided against reconstruction.

My team at Christies had no problem with letting me have this op. Have you asked your surgeon about it?

Julie xx

hi Julie and Rhian

Thanks for your replies. i had a quick word with bcn about it a few weeks ago, but have not taken it any further. Am a bi scared of more surgery I think… but I am getting more and more used to the thought of doing this and will have a chat to surgeon next time I see him.

Will also look at the other thread, thank Rhian.