Breast Reduction - should I or shouldn't I?

I had DCIS (and a small tumour) so ducts were removed so my left breast is smaller than my right.  This was in June 2012.  I am seeing my surgeon on Thursday to see aout having my right breast reduced to same size but am not sure whether to go ahead with it.  Has anyone else had this done and can offer any help and advice please?  It doesn’t bother me excessivley and is not overly noticeable (so I am told, although very obvious when I am nude, but some clothes don’t hang right and bras really don’t fit properly.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi honey - I had a slight reduction on one boob, known as Droopy, to match it up with the after-surgery boob, known as Perky. I am left with a nice pair of Perkys, and I am VERY glad I had this op because without it I hated looking at my chest and got quite upset about it. Dressed I was fine (bras with stretchy cups are useful) but naked was horrid. And it was just for me, I’m single and not in a relationship so it wasn’t for any hypothetical man.

The only advice I can offer is that you must do what feels right to YOU because you are the one living inside your body. Ask for photos, and get lots of info about how good a match they can get, will one boob stick out more than the other, will nipples be level etc.


all the best with your decision