Breast reduction to,match mastectomy - healing times ?

I recently has mastectomy to left breast and am being offered a reduction in the right breast to match the left , once the left has settled down , in approximately six months . I had two drains in for nine days for the mastectomy , and was off work for eight weeks .  I wondered if anyone has had a similar reduction and what the healing time was , and time off work etc . Any information or advice gratefully received . Thank you 

…should have mention I had immediate reconstruction with an implant …

Hi Welshdragon.  I had a reduction and uplift in April to match my TUG reconstruction six months previous.  I also had liposculpting to infill a dent.  I was planning on taking 1 week off work in my job as a teaching assistant but ended up having 2 weeks off as that is what the hospital signed me off for.  That being said I felt well enough to go back to work 9 days later.  I did have a small area around the areola that took longer to heal but that was completely healed by 5 weeks.  Didn’t gave any drains and only needed 1 night in hospital.

Thank you sodastream - that’s really helpful and encouraging.

Hi - I’m in Cardiff . Having read various posts on here and urgent forums it would appear that changes in recent funding rules mean you now only "qualify " for a reduction if you’ve had a full mastectomy rather than a lumpectomy or similar . I completely agree with you regarding us both having suffered cancer and being left lop sided the only difference being the type of surgery we had. I do hope you are able to obtain the surgery you want on the NHS and wish you a speedy recovery and a long happy healthy future .

Hi I’m on Herts/Beds border. Had mx and implant followed by chemo and rads in sept 14 (all private). Had lots of complications and ended up with 5 ops in all, including uplift.

Hubby changed jobs and we lost private health in Nov 16 so was transferred to NHS. I saw my surgeon in march 17 for 6 month review and asked for further surgery for symmetry. Original thought of another reduction/uplift then asked for DIEP as a more permanent solution.

I was told that as original dx was over 2 years ago they had to apply for funding. Had to have medical photos done as part of the appeal. After lots of chasing I got the ok for funding and saw plastic surgeon earlier this month and booked in for a DIEP at then end of August.

So I think it’s a case of chasing and requesting an appeal. It takes a lot of energy to keep pushing for what you want.

Hope my experience is helpful and hope you get the surgery you need.

I’m in Dorset and due to have lift and reduction surgery to my good side on Friday. The surgeon told me they are still able to get funding in Dorset, but their partner hospital in Somerset has reclassified this as cosmetic and funding has been withdrawn, so I’m lucky to be on the right side of the postcode lottery. They took loads of photos which I thought was for the case conference. They said no surgery is done without the team assessing and approving it, possibly after the rogue surgeon who was doing unnecessary operations?

Anyway, I’m glad to be getting this done now as it seems funding may not always be available.

That’s just so unfair celiawells. I would make a case under mental health saying that it’s making you ill, that way not viewed as cosmetic.

Celiawells, I’m gutted for you that this has happened, it is desperately unfair. I know some people don’t seem bothered about being left with a significant difference, but I found it really upsetting.

When I was deciding on treatment options when I was first diagnosed, it was mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, or therapeutic mammoplasty, radiotherapy and symmetrising surgery six months later. It was part of the decision making process, there wasn’t any doubt that I’d be left with a significant size difference. So it would be hard not to feel misled if they pulled the funding for the last part of the process.

What is the point in encouraging women to opt for breast conserving surgery if they aren’t willing to fund the whole package? I very nearly opted for the mastectomy, it was only that my surgeon convinced me he could create a good shape on the operated side and would do a reduction to match things up on the other side that persuaded me.


I really hope you get your surgery, and am so so sorry that you’ve got to pay for it yourself.