Breast reduction

Just had a breast reduction one wk ago in one breast to make my breasts more symetrical after my surgery for breast cancer left me with one boob smaller than the other. Just had my wounds checked at hosp today. Not properly healed yet but no infection. Got new dreasing on. Boobs still looking very different at mo. Would like to hear from anyone else who has had a breast reduction recently and how long it takes for them to settle after the op ?xx

Hi Corrina, I had a reduction  6 weeks ago and still not quite healed as the dissolving stitches and some of the dressings have irritated my skin - so I have two tiny holes on the vertical of the anchor scar. 

Other than that I had very little pain, hardly any swelling, more sore than anything and was a bit difficult to find a comfy position to sleep but that eased off week by week. 

The pathology report was all clear - that was a relief.

Would say that my reduced boob shape looked great immediately after surgery and I’m really pleased with it although its a bit high up but I know it will drop over the next few months.

Hope you continue well,


girly x

forgot to say, I took arnica in the first few days after surgery.

hi girly888 thanks for your rely .great you are pleased with results. Hoping I will be as pleased. Yes arnica is good I should get some as I’m still very bruised. My reduced boob is also a bit higher up but she has told me that this would drop after a while. Also as the other boob is fixed and won’t change due to me having radiotherapy probs bet the other one is a bit higher up to start with as that one will drop with age anyway. How long after your surgery did you find out about the pathology report. ? I’m not seeing my surgeon till the 10 Oct so seems along time to wait. But hopefully it will be fineeded and assume they would get in touch before that if they found anything untoward going on. Sorry to hear you havnt healed up properly yet. Hope you heal up soon. I only had a lollipop scar not the anchor so shouldn’t take as long to heal. Great to hear you are happy with your new boob shape though. Makes it all worthwhile. I was told to sleep on my back which I find difficult as always used to sleep on my side. A wk after surgery now and still feeling really tired at time but getting out for short walks and seeing friends.hoping you continue to do well. Please keep in touch and let me know how your doing

Hi Corrina, a dissolving stitch poked out last night, half an inch long, I think that was the culprit!

So I was at a dressings appointment and there was a doctor there so I enquired about the results, she checked the computer and said it came back clear and I asked for a paper copy of the report - which you are entitled to - otherwise I suppose I would have asked the plastic surgeon when I see him in a few weeks. I think in this case I would have only heard back if something had been found in the removed tissue.

You sound like you are doing really well so hope you will continue like that. I am pretty much back to normal now but given that 2 weeks is recommended recovery for this kind of op, that would have been too soon for me.

best wishes, girly x

Pleased to hear your results were clear! I’m doing ok still and my boob is starting to look more like my other one so that’s a relief. Hoping your fully recovered soon xx

Only been on the site 5 mins - I’m still in denial - was diagnosed with stage 2 smallish ( feels enormous to me) Invasive ductal triple pos er8 pr8 her2 - lumpectomy op booked for 1/10 then -then, chemo, targeted hormone and radiotherapy my appointment with the surgeon ( he’s plastics and cancer) was so rushed, he said lumpectomy, which will leave a dip - couldn’t say how big ,and some small scars - but as an almost parting shot he could do a Brest reduction ticking the boob around - and balance the other in 3-4 months. I don’t get to see him again until the morning of the op. already in shock everything is surreal ( such an inadequate word) with the cancer diagnosis I’m at a loss, so confused, my cancer nurse just said he’s a plastics specialist and has done it loads of times - that’s not helping. I’m buxom always have been, never considered plastic surgery - not sure what I’m asking really - just dreadfully confused and now where to take it - sorry