Breast scar

Hi ladies,


I had WLE in mid October, have had other surgery since, but it is the breast I am concerned with.  My scar is really deep (about a cm) I can actually prise the two edges apart and look deep in to it.  Is my scar supposed to be be this deep, or do other people have a line near the surface of their breast?


There is no sign of infection, but I did develop a HUGE haematoma that had to be surgically removed in mid November.


I am seeing the BCN on Monday as am starting chemo on 13th Jan and I don’t think this is right  - any ideas or advice?







Hi Su, sorry to hear about this. It’s hard to comment on whether it is " right " or not with out knowing what happened during and after surgery. You are absolutely right in thinking your breat care nurse is a good person to speak to. Your surgeon is too. I know that post op scarring varies enormously. I don’t know if further along the line one of the plastic surgeons can help with it if it doesn’t improve.
The tissue will still be healing post haematoma. Give yourself time to heal properly and then consider what next. Focus on the chemo and managing that. Very much easier said than done but please give your poor body time to heal.

Hi Su

That must have been such a shock :frowning:

Did you have any scans (CT or MRI) before your op? I really hope that they are just being over cautious and that the news on Thursday is ok.


Take care, Emxx