Breast screening clinic

Hello everybody, never posted on a forum before so here goes. I have found a lump and seen my GP who made an urgent referral to the breast screening clinic. My appointment is tomorrow and from what I can gather looking at information online I will have a scan and a mammogram. What I was wondering was how long do these results take to come through, I have read 2 weeks but I really hope not as I don’t know how I will cope with that wait. :frowning:

Hiya, I’m sorry you have this worry but please be reassured that the majority of lumps are harmless. 

At the clinic they do a physical exam followed by a mammogram depending on your age then an ultrasound. Often this is all that is needed to be able to send you away with the all clear but if there is something they cannot dismiss they will do a biopsy which will be a week or two wait for a result.


I won’t deny this wait is pretty brutal but if you have to deal with it you will as we all have and we will always be here to help you through but hopefully it won’t come to that, please let us know how things go tomorrow X Jo 

Hi Mum of 3

im in the same boat as you. Went to GP on 20th after finding thickening about 6 months ago that I thought would disappear. On HRT for 3 years following hysterectomy. I now have mammogram on 9th and clinic appointment on 10th. How did you get on ? Do you have any idea on result times? Fingers crossed for you. The waiting is utter torture xx

Hi Ginlover,
If it’s clear what it is, what usually happens is you’ll get the results in the day. If a biopsy is needed, then there’s generally a week or 2s wait for the results.
There is no easy way to get through the wait, but keeping busy & carrying on as normal can help.
ann x

Very happy to report my clinic appointment went well with a normal mammogram and consultant happy that lumps are hormonal changes due to HRT. No further follow up needed. Have faith beautiful ladies and keep positive xx