Breast Shells to even things out

For those who have had a wide local excision or excisions and find that they are now ‘lopsided’, there are available, free via your breast care team,  silicone shells that fit over what’s left of your breast and under a bra. It means that T shirts can be worn without any noticeable sign of your breast having been massacred.  I have just got one of these after seeing photos from holiday in T shirt where I do look markedly lopsided. Don’t know you are wearing it and it stays in place.  As they say ‘every little helps’. I hadn’t been told about these but went searching and asked and hey presto.  Think you need to be a few months down the line post op when everything has settled.


Thanks for the information.  I’m a couple of years down the line from my most recent surgery, but I might inquire, as I’m lopsided from having a WLE for both breasts  at different times.