Breast surgery fears and not coping!

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in june. Initially a few tumours were found in left breast and in lymph nodes. Further tests revealed I had a small tumour in my right. I started my chemo in August and thankfully the small tumour has now gone and the multiple tumours in my left breast have shrunk. I’m so pleased with the results I’ve had from chemo! But now I’m facing my biggest fear, the surgery. Apparently my surgeon is doing the op somewhere between 3rd - 15th January. I’m really struggling to cope with my anxieties about it. It’s the normal fears I have, waking up during surgery or dying. I know it’s got to be done, but I don’t know how to calm myself down and I’m so worried that on the day I will have a complete meltdown! Does anybody have some advice? McMillan have been in touch with me about emotional support too but I’ve never heard anymore 


I had surgery in July - lumpectomy and lymph clearance.

Like you I was a little anxious never having had surgery and as mine was in lockdown my friend literally dropped me at the hospital entrance.

I made a point of telling the staff I was nervous, had never been under before and they were great.

I was the last go down so had my phone and a book.

I did ask once in the operating theatre would I be asleep the whole time, they reassured me yes and the next I knew I was in recovery. All very surreal - my tumour had gone pre surgery from chemo so they were making sure they removed the footprint and radio followed.

Be strong, tell them your fears and let us know how you get on.


Amy Do please speak to your team and tell them your concerns It’s natural and I’m sure most of us had things flying through our minds in lead up to surgery :two_women_holding_hands: please also try to remember your teams are doing hundreds of these operations year in and year out and know what to do For me that put me at ease and also having complete faith in my surgeon Might also be worth you tuning nurses on here, I’m not sure if there are meds your team could give you prior to operation to help with any anxiety Hope this helps :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Amy , I totally understand how you are feeling .  I had DIEP reconstruction in August.  Prior to to date the breast nurse at the hospital went through every single detail of the procedure and recovery which included  all the worst case scenarios eg infection, tissue failure and the fact I’d feel like I’d been hit by a bus .  Whist necessary , it made me nervous .  When in hospital the team talked me through everything and I got a chance to tell them my fears about anaesthetic (and waking up!) which they explained how much you are monitored and it’s not going to happen .  I was taken to theatre and after a few mins chat and prep the next thing I knew I was woken up 9 hours later .

The bus didn’t hit me , I was in no pain ,(the meds worked well) , I was looked after and recovered well .  

when you get to the hospital you will be nervous but ready to get it done .

I hope this helps you, knowing your fears are natural but you will have specialists taking care of you the whole time .

Good luck x 

Hi Amy1988 - you have already had some great advice from the other ladies.

Your fears are very very normal, I can totally relate to how you are feeling. I tried to run out of the hospital both when I started my chemo and when before surgery. But when I explained my fears the lovely nurses and doctors/anaesthetists all helped reassure me and get me through it. So don’t worry at all about having a meltdown, you won’t be the first to do that and won’t be the last. At the moment it really is the fear of the unknown for you and your mind is going into overdrive. I am sure you were anxious before chemo - but you faced up to that and it has gone really well. The same will happen with your surgery.

But maybe you would like to speak to one of the nurses on here? We are also all here for you, to chat anytime and hold your hand as you go through the next stage. Big hugs Evie xx

hi Amy-

I had surgery for a double mastectomy with Direct to Implant breast implants last week (Jan 5, 2021). I am on day 8 post-surgery and (hopefully) the hardest part is over. I will hopefully get my drains out soon (probably have to last one more weekend).

I was scared (terrified) of the general anesthesia but I woke up and the “adventure” began of getting used to these big headlights sitting on my chest day and night !

Hope you are ok. I am actually on here tonight trying to see if my dry cough and feelings of acid reflux/can’t eat are normal. It’s the worst at night. And then in the morning, I have nausea (??) Frustrating.  But not life threatening - at least I hope not. I’m going to go search the panel and see if anyone else had this !!