breast swelling

Hi there i am new to all this but have been reading lots of your stories with admiration and being trying to find someone with a similar situation to me.
For the past two months i have noticed one of my breasts has been growing, firstly it started feeling fuller until now when it is noticibly bigger even through some of my clothes. Last week i was taking a bath and noticed when i raised my arms my nipple was dimpling in at the bottom, my husband could also see this (as i thought maybe it was me !)
I went to the docs last friday 15/10 she could immediatley see that one breast was swollen and i showed her the dimpling, however it didnt seem as prominent as when my nipples were warm in the bath.
She could not feel a lump and said that was good but could not give me any other explanaition she said “maybe its just started growing again”. This didnt really reassure me as i am 27 and have 3 children i thought all that growing would have stopped a while ago ?
The doctor was lovely and said she wanted it checking out and i would recieve a letter in a few days about my referral which would only take 2 weeks.

Soooooo off i goes home feeling a bit wobbly but ok. The phone rung 3 hours later it was the hospital with an appointment for me in 10 days. I then felt a complete mess and was upset thinking why have they rushed to phone and so on…

i have family history, one aunt passed age 47 with bc in both breasts i also have mirena iud so periods are neither here nor there.

I hope someone could give me some advice one way or the other has anyone else similar problems?

thanks xx

Hi Jojo

Just caught your message and wanted to reassure you over one thing-the govt has set a target of 2 weeks to be seen for any issues referred to a breast clinic, so they havnt rushed you thru. Everyones situation is so unique and its hard to make comparisons.
Just be assured that you and your doc have done the right thing and got it checked out.
Waiting is horrible, but hopefully youl have a positive result at the clinic.
Many best wishes
Cathie x

I went to my Dr on the Monday and was told within a fortnight and the hospital called me Tuesday morning with an appointment for the next day Wednesday so was only a couple of days,as Cathie as said they have to see you in 2 weeks better than having to wait ages,wishing you all the best,

Thanks ladies for your replies.
I just started to think the worst cause the usual opinion is nothing is rushed ! it just threw me off guard i guess, the slightest thing makes me emotional, this waiting is awful.
jo jo xxx