Breast swelling

I finished radiotherapy at the end of May following a lumpectomy. Everything healed well and I felt like the breast swelling had reduced. 

But the last couple of weeks it’s felt like my breast has swelled again, feels heavy and tender to touch. It also feels tender under the arm ( I had 3 lymph nodes removed).  My GP has checked me over and reassured me everything is ok but it just doesn’t feel right. 

I don’t want to become a paranoid person but on the other hand we have to be extra vigilant don’t we?

So I’d appreciate some advice. 

Is this normal?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you



Hi Janeyruss


When I had my mastectomy a tissue expander was put in so I could have a delayed reconstruction. After radiotherapy fluid gathered around the expander which made my breast swell and it felt heavy and tender to touch. I went to see the breast care nurse and she consulted with my surgeon. They simply removed the fluid with syringes which was a relief.


I would advise that you ring your breast care nurse and ask their advise. I have now had a successful reconstruction in Feb this year and got another clear mammogram.


Good luck to you and hope this is of help to you. 



Hi Janeyruss,


You may well have the answer to your post of 3 weeks ago but if it’s any consolation, I also suffered swelling and niggling lymphatic drainage problems about 3 weeks ago. It’s still coming and going. My BC nurse said it was late side effects of radiotherapy - the gift that keeps on giving- and can take up to 6 months to settle. I’m still waiting and getting more fed up by the day. We’re supposed to feel grateful that we’re still alive but frankly, the treatments suck!