Hi I am getting my breast tattooed next month and wish to speak to anyone else who has gone through this - especially anyone who has had radio therapy and has lymphodeoma.  I will share my photos after if anyone wishes to see!


Best Wishes



Hi Evelyn


After a lumpectomy and chemo I then had fifteen sessions of radiotherapy and didn’t have any problems whatsoever. I realise not everyone will be so lucky but don’t assume that there will definitely be side-effects. As for the tattoo, it was nothing, just a couple of very slight scratches that took only a second, leaving two blue dots about the size of a pinhead. I had just under half of my lymph glands removed but started exercising as soon as possible and I keep a careful eye on my weight and, so far, no lymphoedema.

Hi Evelyn,


Do you mean a decorative tattoo?  I went to see a tattooist on Friday to find out about getting one done over my lumpectomy scar and he said he is happy to do it as soon as the medics say it is OK so I’m aiming to have it done in November after my first annual check up.  I finished my radiotherapy in April and have got a bit of swelling to my treated breast still so I think iti’s wise to wait a little bit to see if the swelling goes down (and I’m seeing the lymphodema clinic staff next week to check if I have that or just general post-radiotherapy swelling so I’ll ask them if it is OK to have a tattoo done).



Great, would love to see some pictures as I’m looking for inspiration (thinking of something delicate like flower/feather but could see how easy it would be to get carried away!)



Hi you amazing ladies!! 


My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2001, and last year had a double mastectomy and reconstruction. Just last month (at the age of 56) she decided to have a tattoo on her left breast to symbolise this part of her life with a lotus flower and the initials of myself and my older brother. It is absolutely beautiful and she is so happy she has got it done.


I’m currently a third year photography student at Nottingham Trent University and preparing for my degree show in May 2016. My mums story has inspired me to include her experience as part of my project and therefore will be photographing her and her tattoo! I want to take this further and photograph a variety of women who have had this surgery or have a tattoo to do with their experience with breast cancer, as it is a huge part of my life.


I am asking for anyone who would be willing to be photographed as part of this project to stand up to cancer and show the beauty of these tattoos. Please contact me if so on:


Thank you in advance, you are all amazing

Hannah Woods 

how did your Tatoots turn out?