Breast tender and stiff armpit

Hello, I was diagnosed in May 2018.  Grade 3 tumour and 1 of 2 lymph nodes, overall stage 2a.  I had a lumpectomy then 6 sessions of chemo and 19 of radiotherapy.  I’m now on Zoladex and Examestane for min 5 years.  I’ve generally kept really well throughout treatment, and am back at work full time. My biggest issue has been anxiety, which comes in waves.  I’m 39 and have 2 children (aged 2 and 4) so get anxious for them.  Plus, while I was told they got everything during surgery and I have a very good prognosis, I have a horrible family history.  I lost my brother to a rare form of cancer when he was 34, and my dad died also of cancer in 2017, aged 64.  I’m generally really fit (running and yoga).  For a few weeks now I’ve felt my right armpit is quite stiff, and off and on my right breast has felt a little tender.  I’m hoping it may be scar tissue, but I had’t really felt it before (surgery was in June and radiotherapy finished in December)  Off and on I’m feeling like my chest is quite tight - guess it can’t really be breathlessness as it’s not stopping me doing anything, and i felt like this before I started chemo so hoping it’s “just” anxiety.  I’ve arranged an appintment with my nurse but not til 27th…just wondering if delayed breast tenderness and armpit stiffness sounds about normal? Many thanks x

Hi Claire, after surgery and radiotherapy I think this is normal! The effects of radiotherapy lasts for months and the radiotherapy also compounds the effects of surgery too.  I guess the tightness in your chest is down to the anxiety that you are feeling.  When treatment ends and everything is supposedly getting back to ‘normal’ the fears and anxieties really kick in.  You have been through an awful lot - diagnosis, surgery, chemo and radio!! You are a mummy and you are back working full time!! Be kind to yourself lovely.  Good luck on the 27th and let us know how you get on xx