breast tenderness

Hi all you brave ladies

I had lumpctomy in Novembe 2007 and radiotherapy Feb/March 2008. I have not had an annual mammorgram because I would not be able to stand the pain and so had an untrasound, which I know is not as good/thorough at detecting. Does anyone else have this extreme breast tenderness? Although I am extremely concerned because I have not had a mammogram, I am not be able to tolerate the pain of one. Anyone else in this worrying situation?

Had the same as you, same Month and year but had chemo before Rads also like you still very painful and tender… However had Mamm last Dec it was uncomfortable but NOT painful I was dreading it!!! So give it a go and tell mammographer your worries. I also say I am glad you ai’nt weighing em … so embarrased by the size of them.

Hi I was dx Feb 08, finished rads may 08. Last week had my first mammo/ultrasound which I was dreading cos still so tender. I found that the ultrasound was much more painful than the mammo, also they were more gentle on the surgery breast with mammo.

Just wanted to add,I am a bit ,ok, totally rubbish with pain,needles,hospitals…still got surgery to come in less than two weeks ! Yikes ! However, when I had mammogram at inital consultation,was prepared to wince shout swear but hold off from kicking and biting, I can’t tell you how suprised I was at how ok it was, a bit uncomfortable but ok.Did ask if it was due to my sizeable 40e breasts,there’s a lot of em to squish, but seems that every body is just different and maybe some mammogram operators are better than others.Am hoping my new found teeth clenching method and la la la la la ing will see me through the rest of my treatments.