Breast thickening tissue



I found a mass in my breast which didn’t feel right.  ive been to see the doctor and he has said I have thickened tissue.  He is sending me for a scan high priority.  Dont’ know what to expect.  Petrified doesnot cover it.  I have a four year old an am about to start a new job.  Really need some advice.


Hello there Shanley,


Im sorry you are so terrified, it must be all the more hard with a life change with work coming up and a littley to look after. Your doctor will want you to have your breast clinic appointment in the next 14 days (priority case guidelines dictate), so hopefully you won’t have too long to wait, but I’m sure that every hour seems painful and difficult right now, so the thought of a few days or a week is frightening. As everyone here will tell you , waiting for clinic dates and tests , and results, is the very hardest part of the process, so expect that you might be tearful and emotional, and probably feel all sorts of things like a lack of concentration and anxiety. 


Whenyou have your breast clinic appointment, you will probably have a physical examination first by a consultant, then probably a mammogram and ultrasound. Following those, if the consultant and radiographer are unable to categorically tell you that your condition is benign, then you may have a needle biopsy taken of the area being investigated. Results of a biopsy generally can take a few days to just over a week to be returned.


Ok, here’s the thing, you have done exactly the right thing in reporting your breast change, it might be a benign condition, and it might not, I’m afraid that’s why you are so anxious it’s the not knowing…but it certainly should not have been left. So, you can feel confident that even IF they did find there was a problem that needed treatment, that you were proactive in seeking investigation. (80 percent of breast lumps are benign).  you will be imagining all sorts of fearful things right now, but use this forum as a way to express your thoughts and fears, we reqlly understand. 


Try and distract yourself as much as you can, easier said than done I know, you may find you possibly find sleeping and eating well hard too…it is a horrible horrible time waiting for the clinic date. TAke comfort from the fact that with modern medicine the vast majority of women have successful treatment for BC, even if you did have a diagnosis. You can also ring the helpine number at the top, it is for anyone with concerns, not just those diagnosed. 


Take care