Breast thickening


Just after a bit of advice, what does thickening of the breast look and feel like. I’ve started to self exam and one breast feels different from the other. I did have a US and mammogramme a year ago which was clear but with BC being in the news so much now I’m starting the stress that something might of been missed


Anything that is unusual for you shud be watched for a short while and if it doesnt go away you should see your doctor.A thickening is when part of the breast feels denser than the rest - and if you dont have the same in the other breast visit your gp.It may be nothing to worry about but rather be safe than sorry!

Josie x

Thanks for the advice Josyemarie, might just be down to my period but just concious about things. Its not noticeable when I examine myself standing up at the mirror though but will keep an eye on it.


If its still there after your period pop along to your GP- if just to put your mind at rest!

Josie x

Hi Josie,

Decided to take the bull by the horns today and went to a Dr who did an ultrasound there and then and it was clear. Very relieved as the said it was hormonal but did say that if it gets bigger to go back.

Thanks again for the advice

Vonnie x

So pleased for you! Well done for getting it checked out, you would have only worried youself sick until you had it done anyway. xxx

Thats what i kept on telling myself plus I was freaking out after surfing the internet for information, Had an added reason to go as off to Rome tomorrow for a few days and didn’t want it to be a cloud over the weekend.

Have a great time in Rome! x

Great news Vonnie.Hope you enjoy your holiday!
Josie x