Breast Thickening

Hi, I’m new to this forum so I’m hoping I can get some advice.
Last Wednesday I saw my GP as I was having some pain in my right breast, I couldn’t feel a lump as such but I just new something didn’t feel right.
My GP said that she couldn’t feel a definite lump but I had breast thickening and enlarged nodules on my right breast.
I am 41 years old and have no breast cancer in my family. My GP has referred me to a breast clinic for further checks, how long does it normally take to get an appointment as my breast is rather uncomfortable, it feels like a burning, tingling sensation that is constant.
Hope someone can give me some advice xxx



An appointment usually com s within two weeks as these are the guidelines. It may be that doctor marked as non urgent so may take a couple if weeks longer xxx

Hey, sorry to hear about your situation. Im in the same boat a the minute but im only 21! 
I when to doctors after one breast just felt heavier hard to explain but anyway, when i went she told me i have thickening of the breast tissue, she gave me some antibiotics and anti-inflamataries and said if nothing happens come back, so within 3 days i was back as i felt a lump, went to doctors and yup a definite lump in the same breast and the thickened tissue had not gone down in the slightest, I had all this happen before my period so to make sure it’s nothing hormornal i have to wait till I’ve come of my monthly visitor then go back for another examination, if theres no changes its breast clinic for me too. 

I know the waiting is agonising, I wasnt even concered at first cause its not often at all you heard of thickening breast tissue being related to cancer it just lumps, so after i found the definite lump thats when i started freaking out, especially now im off my period and still no changes! 
I think it should take about 2 weeks for you to get your appointment through, or even sooner :) 

I hope everything goes well for you, fingers crossed. :)