Breast ultrasound clear - but I still have questions advice needed?

Hi Everyone


I am hoping someone can give me some good advice on my recent results of my breast scan.  I am 33years old and noticed a change in my right breast and in general had complaints about them not feeling right.  The change was an indentation which you can see when my arms are not up and even clearer when I raise my arms.  Seen my GP immediatley and she also found a pea sized lump and was referred immediatley.  Seen consultant and was in and out in 10 mins.  He said I had no lump and this indentation was nothing that worried him but he would send me for an ultrasound scan just to reassure me.


I had my scan, and if I am being honest the whole experience was awful.  She only scanned the area of concern and even at that had to ask me roughly where my indentation was (when lying down we all know the boobs disappear!) didnt ask to see it etc.  Anyway in and out in 10mins.  I was rather disappointed that they didnt scan my whole breast or the other breast she said nothing that causes her any great concern.  Results came back with no abnormalities which is wonderful, however I am not completely happy about the service I recieved from the NHS.


I have had no follow up just a letter, so my questions are why is my breast doing this, what could be the causes.  I do not feel completely satifisied with no explanation or possibilities of what could cause this change.  Regardless your breast just doesnt indent for no reason.  I have had two children who are 5 and 2 and never breast fed, so no issues on that side of things. 


I was very agry and was about to email the consultants secretary but thought I should step back wait a few days then get some advice.  I was going to go back to my GP and ask her to follow up rather than me writing an abrupt email. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





Hi Maggie. I would be feeling the same as you. The best place to start would be your gp. You could also insist on a mammogram as I’m sure it would be very difficult to make sure they were in exactly the right place for the ultrasound. If you feel something still isn’t right don’t give up however I’m sure your gp will back you all the way. Good luck and let us know how you get on xx