Breast Wart?

So my mammogram showed up something and I was recalled for more tests. The 2nd mammogram clearly showed a large white area but ultrasound showed nothing (not sure how that worked). I’ve been waiting on biopsy results from the area and they’ve come back clear. Next it’s a MRI scan.

The doctors won’t say for sure that it’s nothing awful but they think it may be a wart. They said it would def need removing with surgery and then tested afterwards.

I’m not keen on the idea of surgery. Anyone know any info on warts in breast tissues and whether the def need removing? Also, is surgery, like the doctors are saying, really the only way they can be sure it’s not breast cancer? Surely the biopsy would have showed something. I feel they just want to slice me open ‘just to make sure’ and I can’t help wondering if that’s really a good enough reason.

Any help/advice greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, annielou,

Unsure if this is the same thing but I had a papiloma(wart) removed nov 2010, was diagnosed with bc nov 2011, I was told by the dr that there is research going on about papilomas and bc, the papiloma was on my right boob and so was bc but at opposite sides of the nipple. I would ask about this.


Hi Annie,

You have already had a biopsy, from what I have read?

What were the results of the biopsy? YOu say clear? Clear of what?

I am afraid, I don’t know very much about warts in the breast.

Surgery of course, means you will have a final histology on the offending squatter.

I was told that the biopsy was completely clear and showed no abnormalities. I’m guessing that’s good news?

Hi Annielou,

Yes, that is good news!

The only way to ensure cancer is not present is by biopsy. The fact it has been recommended that you have an excisional biopsy, (which is the name for it, or a lumpectomy) I would put down to attempting to deal with a wart in any other part of our body!

If it is not bothering you, then I suppose you could explore that option, I don’t see how else, other than surgery to remove it, it can be dealt with.


This is known as an intraductal papilloma! Just like the lady above stated.

Now I understand.

If it continues to leak, or you have them with atypical hyperplasia, then excision is recommended. Maybe call the helpline here, they are great and will walk you through your options, at least then when you see your doctor, you are furnished with the information.

Just got results back from MRI and it shows other areas of concern that did not show up on mammograms and ultrasound. Had another biopsy today and now really worried again. Had got my head around it being an intraductal papilloma and now I don’t know what to think. How likely do you think to get the same biopsy result (neg) back again in another area close to the other? Is it likely to be more an intraductal papilloma? I thought I was home and dry with the clear biopsy and now I don’t know. The docs just say ‘we can’t say until we have all the results’ which they’ve been saying for 6 weeks!