Breastfeeding suspicious lump

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for anyone with experience of lumps/treatment whilst breastfeeding. In July I saw the consultants for an ultrasound as had 4 round moveable lumps, they said come back when I have weaned my baby so no longer breast feeding as they thought it was nothing nasty and didn’t want to risk a milk fistula. The Dr could no aspiratebthe lumps, tried several times and nothing would come out, said they had a hard wall like an eggshell. A few days later I noticed the lumps change into one big clump, literally as if they had suddenly stuck to each other. I was told to see if they change back as it might be bruising. They didn’t do I returned to clinic 3 weeks ago where the nurse wanted to do an ultrasound again and suggested a biopsy should be okay as I have breast hypoplasia and therefore not a lot of milk and odd shaped breasts. But the sonographerbhad finishedbfor the day.
Last week I returned again, he was concerned as he remembered me clearly before being the anomaly (he’d never seen lumps like it before), and was now even more perplexed! Great confidence boost eh. He agreed to do a core biopsy and said it is a solid mass tumour.
I return today to get results. Scared yes, I have a 6.5 month old son and already had a hard breastfeeding journey as mentioned before boobs don’t really work like normal ones (have to combination feed). I’m happy to have a mastectomy if needed. But my main concern is whether or not he could have ingested any nasties from me?
Has anyone else had this? I’m worried as the consultant and Dr/sonographer where so confused and he was apparently the top guy in the area!?
Thank you x

So turns out it’s not malignant, it’s something to do with fat. Which is a huge relief, but still curious if anyone else has had this with breastfeeding?