Came across this device on the Boots website. Has anyone used this for self checking or know anyone who has found their bc with this tool? Tina

Hi saw these a few months ago ( knew I had BC Then) what a worry if this shows up something you would still have to go to GP and get referral and then the waiting waitng.BUT having said that my BC was picked up on routine over 50 s mammo and no-one ( me Surgeon,Onc,radiologist) has ever been able to palpate it surgery showed 21mm tumour so would this have been any different? Jackie

Hi Tina,

Here is information previously posted on the Forum from the BCC Nursing Team re Breastlight, which I hope is helpful.

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Anna, BCC Facilitator


I wanted to come in here and give you some information about the Breastlight. Currently, there is no proof or sufficient clinical evidence that the Breastlight product results in earlier detection of breast cancer, increases survival or is any more helpful than the normal practice of being breast aware.

At Breast Cancer Care, we speak to people with breast cancer and breast cancer concerns every day and we know that self check devices may only serve to worry people, often unnecessarily.

Breast Cancer Care advocates being breast aware alongside the Department of Health, Royal College of Nursing, other UK breast cancer charities and other UK health bodies.

As you know, the breast awareness five point code encourages women to know what is normal for them and to report any changes, not just lumps, to their GP.

If you have any personal concerns about your health, please do see your GP or if you just want to talk things through with someone please do call our freephone helpline on 0808 800 6000

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Information Nurse

Never realised it was such a controversial product. Are there any clinical studies going on to see if there is a place for this product alongside other detection methods?

There was an article about the product in the Metro London paper last night with a positive spin on it, seems to be gaining in popularity.

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I run forums for women with bc in North East. Some have used Breastlight, it was on our local TV recently. I asked the manufacturers to send me some information. Our department is doing some work with it but latest evidence from surgeons at Sunderland Royal Hospital showed that it picked up tumours smaller than a cm and was pretty accurate. The way it works has been used in medicine for years so I don’t think it is a bad thing - especially if you are doing your usual checks but still feel worried.

Thank you Katie, it will be interesting to see if it will get some more exposure. X Tina

When I was diagnosed with BC last year, my sister bought a Breastlight and after I had my mastectomy in December last year, I bought one and use it.

I understand what it does, it is clear but I do physically check my breast as well and have been back to the hospital several times.

As long as one doesn’t rely on it completely then there shouldn’t be a problem. It think I paid about £60 or £70 in Boots.