breasts different shapes and sizes

Since my op Im very conscious of the fact my breasts are no longer the same size and am wandering if I should ask if they can reduce the larger breast for me but this would mean yet another op and not even sure if they would do it. but my body looks odd now especially when i havnt got a  bra on as one boob is also lower than the other. My scar under my arm is large and awful and very visible and also I have one around my nipple, really upset by this but Im lucky really that I was abe to Keep my breast . has anyone had similar problems or feeling about their breasts and has anyone had corrective surgery and what were the outcomes x

Hi Corina.  My right breast is considerably smaller than my left, and I don’t think it has finally settled yet.  I was warned that this breast would be smaller due to the surgery and shrinkage from radiology.  My scarring is minimal.  My surgeon said from the outset they would offer me breast reduction, so am confident they will agree to it.


At the moment I feel it is too soon for me, and like you I’m really not sure I want to put myself through another op.  So  like you I would be interested in others experience.  Xxx

Hi Corrina

I also have one larger than the other and are coping with this still by wearing a sports bra, which gives it a lot of support. I will not be having more surgery as that was the most traumatic part of all the treatment for me. But I just wanted to reassure you about the scars. I had a lumpectomy and because the cancer cells were pulling on the nipple, the nipple was removed and sewn back. I was really upset with the scarring around the nipple. It looked like someone had got a big red marker and drawn all around it. However, 10 months on, I can hardly see it. Your scars will slowly fade over time.

Sending a hug x

Hi Corrinna, I was originally offered breast reduction on both, but refused as I felt I did not want unnecessary surgery on a healthy breast. It would have doubled the length of my op. The alternative was clever as my breasts were very different sizes anyway. The plastic surgeon whipped off the nipple, removed the tumour, shifted the excess flesh into the dent and popped the nipple back on. Yes, it looks as though that nipple has melted, but the tumour is GONE. I’m very pleased that they now both match! The scar under my arm is very rigid , but I am working bio oil into it every day. I hate the feel of it and the same with my poor melty nipple, but I feel it is a small price to pay. Feel especially lucky I had enough flesh to work with!

Not knowing what size you are, could you have a little prosthetic to pack you out a bit? 

Hooe someone on here can add more for you. Stay strong. X

Hi Corrina 

I’m the same as you, in that I have one boob bigger than the other, but in a padded bra I look even.  I have been told that my radiotherapy might shrink it more but will have to wait and see.  If this is the case I will probably go for extra padding in the bra rather than more surgery. 

I had my lumpectomy in October followed by chemo and now radiotherapy.  The scar from my lymph node clearance had healed nicely, but is now pink again due to he radiotherapy.  The scar around my nipple is still healing, the bottom of it looks lovely but around the top it’s all puckered, but I’ve been told it will smooth out.  


Sorry I can’t give you more advice re surgery, hopefully someone else will be able to give this.  


My nan had a mastectomy and just had a fake boob, which she used to joke about putting on if we went out.  “Ok I’ll just put my boob on” ? Good ol nan.  Her strength has got me through mine.x 

Good luck in whatever you decide on doing.  Xxx

Hi Corrina, 

I too am a wonky boobed one. I had my op in October last year and the scar still seems to be settling down around my nipple. The surgeon (obviously a golfer) told me that there would be a ‘divot’ in my breast as the tumour was quite near the surface of the skin, however he did make a incision around the nipple to make me feel less scarred. The divot doesnt seem to be there, however, there is a definite difference in size. I have been told i can have some excess fat put in the mini boob once things are finished at the end of July, but i’m in two minds now. I would like them to be equal, but unless i’m undressed and they are flying free it doesnt seem to obviously show - or at least no one else has mentioned it and i have very honest friends who i have asked. I was also offered having my other boob made smaller to match, but I was never hugely blessed in the boob department anyway, so to have a healthy one made smaller felt wrong to me, and i didnt want any more scarring either. The scar under my arm from the node op has healed really well using the bio oil, so hopefully yours will do the same, when did you have your operation? I do find if i’m wearing something ‘a little revealing’ a padded bra works really well. How is your decision making going? 

x  x

Hi All thanks loads for all your replies…helps to know others are going through similar problems havnt made any decisions yet as presently still going through radiotherapy. I will wait till my skin and boob settle down and  then will have a better idea of what Im dealing with .next time I see the surgeon see what she can offer if anything.  XXX


I’m having lift and reduction surgery to my good side in a few days. In my area they still fund it, though they said funding has been withdrawn in the neighbouring health authority.

They told me I’d need symmetrising surgery if I opted for therapeutic mammoplasty. My surgeon wanted me to leave six months after finishing radiotherapy to let any shrinkage develop. I have a significant size difference, and also one nipple about four inches lower than the other. I wear a sticky, heavy partial prosthetic, and am looking forward to ditching it as soon as the swelling from the op goes down.

I do sometimes have a quick panic about having surgery to a healthy breast, but I hate my appearance and want to get this done so I can move on. There will be some scarring, but it will be round the areola and a line from the nipple downwards, so when it’s all healed it shouldn’t be very noticeable.


It’s a very personal choice, for me this is a way of drawing a line under the whole experience, at the moment I feel like an unfinished project. Wearing a prosthetic is a daily reminder, so it’ll be great to ditch it.

Hi have just had therapeutic mammoplasty done on Wed. I am joining the odd boob club. Left is gg and right has gone down to dd [i think]. So glad to find out that I am not on my own. My consultant is going to do my ‘good’ boob when I have finished chemo and rads.
I haven’t really seen what both look like yet, may just get a shock and the whole thing cancer thing will sink in then.