Breasts or no breasts?

Hi everyone,

I really need some advice on which option to go for -
Remove breasts and dont have reconstruction or have reconstruction.

My doctor says that as i have 34a size breasts now, it wont make a huge difference (physically) I know mentally its another thing entirely.
The reconstruction sounds awful, and ive gone all squeamish about it!

I’m single, and thats my biggest worry, if i do meet someone in the future (it is possible) at what point do you say, oh btw, ive no breasts? I imagine however lovely he is, its going to be a huge turn-off!
But having said that, i dont want fake boobs with no nipples! I’m seriously considering being tattooed from neck to navel!

Advice from you lovely’s would be wonderul, thanks in advance

Hi Nelly, there are some beautiful tattoos out there. I too am single and will hopefully have my other boob lobbed off once I’ve finished all my treatment. It has crossed my mind about meeting someone in the future, but I tend not to dwell on the thought for very long. I have been told I can have reconstruction in the future, so you don’t have to decide now. Many women find the idea of such a big and complicated op too much to cope with when dealing with the cancer is big enough…