Breat Pain after rads

Hi all,

I finished rads at the end of Feb prev had WLE and ANC.

Since early April when I returned to work (desk/computer based) I have had ongoing breast pain, to pressure and touch.

i was seen by the surgeons for another check this week and they say it is a post radiotherapy effect inflaming the breast tissue and ribs. They have recommended physio or Amytriptilline; my choice. I’m reluctant to take yet more drugs (am on Tamoxifen and diclofenac which is an anti-inflammoatory painkiller) so I wondered if anyone has has pysio for a similar problem, and if so did it work?
Also has anyone had similar pain and how long did it take to settle?

Amytriptiline is an anti depressant, so I’m interested to know how it helps with breast pain. My husband has been taking it for years, originally for work-related stress and depression, and he’s still on it now he is retired, because he’s found it very difficult to come off it. One of his symptoms is chest pains - but that’s psychological stress-related pain not rads damage!!
If it were me, I’d try the physio first and resort to drugs if it doesn’t work? I get intermittent pains in my radiated breast - I am assuming they are rads related and will ease over time - I hope! I only finished rads in May.

Hi, and thanks for the reply.

Yes it is an antidepressant, but also used in small doses as a painkiller; I think it works on the nerves. Still that is one reason I am not keen to take it.

Hi Lakeslover
Amytriptiline IS an anti depressant, but is also a very good pain killer for “nerve” type pain. I finished my radiotherapy last October and I still get nerve pain from my lumpectomy site. My ribs are also still tender along my side. When I saw the surgeon for my 12 month check up in February he recommended Ibuleve Gel. Someone else has told me this too. I havent actually tried it though!!! I think it is quite “normal” to get this type of pain post rads. Not sure how long it lasts.

I just wanted to say thanks to mangochutney for the suggestion which was one my surgeon didn’t make.

I tried the Sainsburys ibuprofen gel which is a cheaper version of ibuleve and it seems to be working well. It took around 5 days to take effect, which makes sense because that is how long oral anti-inflammatories take.

So thanks to you I am currently pain free, an amazing feeling after 8 months.