Breath care nurses

I’ve recently won my battle with bc & this week I have an exciting opportunity to become a bcn ?
Just got to get past the interview !!! So my question is …
What do you feel are the best qualities of a good bcn?

Wow Didi what an opportunity good luck !!! Qualities in a BC nurse - well firstly ring people back when they phone, just a couple of mins of your time can help stop overwhelming anxiety .Be aware that you are speaking a "foreign language " to newly diagnosed ladies and explain things more than once and write things down for them .as when you are in shock you just can’t take things in.Dont overwhelm people by talking about reconstruction /prosthetics/chemo when they have just been told they have cancer ,you need time to process this first and need to take things one step at a time.I guess also be aware that every woman’s experience of having BC will be different and that being faced with an illness that can take your life has a profound on you psychologically .

I echo everything Jill has said Didi, I was fortunate to have a lovely BCN , she was only young but had a very reassuring nature which I really needed, it’s a bit like with children and dogs, if you don’t show fear around them then they won’t panic! Thats exactly how I felt, Infact everyone I came across had the don’t worry we have got this attitude, All the very best to you and great to hear you are doing well Xx Jo 

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I’ll echo what has already been said.    I think you are in the greatest position of really being able to empathise with patients - really didn’t feel my BCN actually got it at all.  The one thing I really didn’t like was how she made all my worries/fears/questions seem insignificant and not worth her time, and that other people were suffering a lot more than me - yes, I knew that but still wanted my questions answered!! I think it’s fantastic that you are putting yourself forward for such an important role and really hope you get it.:catvery-happy:xxx

Thanks a lot everyone , I agree with all that you’ve said . My own experience was that it was a bit hit & miss depending who I got on the day !! So hopefully I’ll be one of the good ones & listen to the patients xx

Hi Didi,

The fact that you’ve experienced BC yourself means that you’ll be and feel that much more understanding, sympathetic and EMpathetic to other women going through the same. You’ve been to the same place.

Good luck

Delly xxx

Thanks unfortunately I wasn’t successful in getting the job x

Aw Didi - sorry to hear that. You must be feeling disappointed. Perhaps another time for you.

Good Luck and Take care,

Delly xxx